The history of the City of Alegría dates back to the 17th century with the founding of the towns of Tecapa and Zapotitán. In the decade of 1830 the presbyter José Miguel Alegría arrived in Tecapa, who would found an educational institution of Philosophy. In recognition of its teaching work, the Legislative Assembly changed the name of Tecapa to Ciudad Alegría (Diario Oficial of February 19, 1891, Volume 30, Number 41).

The old Tecapa acquired the title of City in 1879, and was celebrated by laying the first stone for the construction of the new church in August of that same year. The patron saint festivities of the city are celebrated in honor of Saint Michael from September 26 to 29. Alegría is a municipality of the Department of Usulután located 142 kilometers from San Salvador. It has a cool climate that oscillates between 17 ° and 24 °. It's a mountainous area with extensive vegetation and coffee plantations. You can make tourist activities such as walks, walks through the viewpoint and the Laguna de Alegría (2.5 km away).